APC is HIPPA Verified


Security that scales, not scares

With a team that manages network, application, and device-level security, breaches are a thing of the past. We provide best-practice recommendations and security management that keeps your data protected.

IT expertise for every user, every time

APC Integrated is combining state-of-the-art technology with certified industry specialists to deliver smarter solutions, faster. By pairing industry insights with customer trends, we have built an IT platform that learns from every interaction to deliver personalized, intelligent resolutions.


Our service teams are skilled in IT best practices to serve the unique demands and challenges faced by your business.


Why Choose APC as your Cloud IT Solutions Provider?

Efficient Innovation

You typically pay only for Cloud IT Services you use, helping you lower your operating costs, run your cloud infrastructure more efficiently, and scale as your business needs change. Maximize your business potential and achieve innovation with leading cloud based technologies from APC Cloud.

Cloud technology unlocks employee productivity with the powerful capabilities of Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive, including document storage, collaboration, sharing, and conversations. You don’t have to use just one tool to get your work done — each works together to provide optimal productivity.

Cloud drive organization & policy configuration

Your cloud drive is the knowledge center of your organization. Within, it should be seamless to create and share content. But, when it comes to your permissioning for it, the approach shouldn’t be so lax. Electric’s IT Support Specialists help to ensure your drive is easy to use & that your content remains proprietary by:

  • Monitoring user permission (Box, Dropbox, & Google Drive)
  • Fulfilling employee file-sharing policy requests
  • Preventing files from being shared outside your domain