APC is HIPPA Verified

Managed IT

Helpdesk & IT Support

APC HelpDesk services are intended to serve as the IT department for our customers while providing several extremely valuable advantages:

1. No finger pointing; APC will take the call, work the challenge and find the solution without blaming or referring customers to a hardware vendor, software publisher or other third-party concern.

2. APC has hundreds of years in man-hour expertise across a broad spectrum of computer and software technologies including knowledge of industry trends and evolving niches.

3. Reduction in payroll and benefits overhead; hiring and keeping excellent tech employees is costly and challenging, together with eliminating costly benefits, concerns over HR, training and development, work resources like a company cell phone, computing device, etc. are all gone.

APC ensures queries and issues are addressed in a timely and efficient manner, this leads to higher satisfaction for our customers’ customers, and increased business productivity, this further allows staff to focus on core duties. With APC as your organization’s HelpDesk, a record of all support requests enables better tracking of issues and technology resource concerns such as identify recurring issues and areas for improvement, not to mention asset tracking and efficient repurposing of equipment.

On-boarding & Off-boarding

Processing onboarding of new hires or terminations of people leaving can be time-consuming and prone to oversight. APC efficiently handles on-boarding and off-boarding processes in way providing numerous benefits. This includes ensuring new employees are equipped with tools and information needed to perform their duties efficiently –software accounts, cloud service accounts, software application licenses, mobile phones, VOIP resources, sensitive HR information, etc. Departing employees are processed with minimized disruptions to ongoing operations by revoking access to systems and data, recovering tech assets, prohibiting sign-in to cloud services and so on. APC strives toward a well-structured on-boarding process to help new employees feel welcome and engaged from day one, while a positive off-boarding experience helps departing employees feel valued and respected.

Field Service Resolutions

Utilizing skilled and reliable field technicians makes a significant difference for customers of a managed IT services provider. Field technicians play a crucial role in ensuring products, systems, and equipment are installed, maintained, and repaired effectively, ultimately leading to customer satisfaction.

Versatile field technicians possess a combination of technical expertise, problem-solving abilities, and excellent communication skills. APC field technicians are well-trained in their respective areas of expertise and stay up to date with the latest advancements in their fields. This enables our team to diagnose issues accurately, provide efficient solutions, and minimize downtime. 

Not only do field technicians require technical proficiency, they also need to be adaptable and able to work well under pressure. Often they face unexpected challenges in the field and must be able to think on their feet to resolve issues promptly. Moreover, strong interpersonal skills enable them to effectively communicate with customers, understand customer concerns, and provide necessary guidance and support. 

APC Integrated invests in ongoing training and professional development opportunities. This ensures technicians stay up to date with emerging technologies and industry best practices, and allows them to continue providing exceptional service. Additionally, creating a supportive work environment and fostering a culture of continuous improvement can help retain top talent and attract new skilled technicians. We look for the best … to provide you the best.

HIPAA Compliant Storage & Systems

Partner with APC to achieve robust security measures to protect sensitive patient data, ensuring it is transmitted, stored, and accessed securely and in compliance with HIPAA regulations. APC will streamline workflows and reduce administrative burdens to provide faster turnaround times in processing patient information, resulting in improved patient care and satisfaction. APC will help reduce errors in data entry and transmission, leading to more accurate patient information and better treatment outcomes, along with simplified compliance efforts through automated data retention and deletion policies, auditing and reporting tools, and other functions to help ensure regulatory compliance.

KPI Reporting on Critical Metrics

APC helps its customers gain real-time data and insights into critical business metrics, enabling organizations to make data-driven decisions and take proactive measures to optimize operations. KPI reporting helps track performance against key objectives and benchmarks, identifying areas for improvement and taking corrective action where necessary. KPI will provide a clear view of individual and team performance, enabling organizations to hold employees accountable for their performance and reward high performers while also enhancing communication between teams and stakeholders, ensuring all parties are on the same page, working toward common goals.

Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) through APC Integrated provides numerous benefits including sophisticated management to enforce security policies, such as device encryption, password requirements, and remote wipe capabilities for reducing risk of data breaches and unauthorized access.  MDM also affords improved productivity through deploying managed mobile devices and applications to ensure employees have the tools needed to perform their duties efficiently. Regulatory compliance is also incorporated into APC’s MDM processes to reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties related to HIPAA, PCI DSS, and GDPR. An added benefit of using APC to conduct MDM is increased visibility to real-time mobile device usage and security, enabling alerts to identify potential risks and vulnerabilities allowing proactive measures to mitigate them. 

Patch Management

Involves the systematic identification, evaluation, testing, and deployment of patches across the IT infrastructure of clients or customer organizations. MSPs are responsible for ensuring that their clients’ systems are up to date with the latest patches to mitigate security risks and maintain system stability.

Here are the key steps involved in MSP patch management:

  • Patch Identification: MSPs monitor software vendors’ security bulletins and patch releases to identify the latest patches applicable to their clients’ systems. They stay informed about vulnerabilities and available fixes.
  • Patch Evaluation: The MSP evaluates patches to determine their relevance and impact on client systems. They assess the risks and benefits associated with applying each patch and prioritize them based on severity and criticality.
  • Patch Testing: Before deploying patches to client systems, MSPs typically perform testing in a controlled environment to ensure compatibility with existing software and to verify that the patch does not introduce any unintended consequences or conflicts.
  • Patch Deployment: Once the testing phase is completed successfully, the MSP schedules and deploys the patches to client systems. This can be done manually or using automated patch management tools, depending on the MSP’s infrastructure and processes.
  • Patch Verification: After deploying patches, MSPs verify that the updates were successfully applied and that the systems are functioning correctly. They may conduct post-patch testing or employ monitoring tools to ensure the patches have resolved the identified issues.
  • Reporting and Documentation: MSPs maintain comprehensive records of the patches applied, including information such as patch dates, versions, and any associated issues. These records help track the patch management process and provide documentation for audits or compliance purposes.

Effective patch management is crucial for maintaining the security and stability of computer systems. By regularly applying patches, MSPs help protect client systems from known vulnerabilities, reduce the risk of cyberattacks, and ensure that software functions optimally.

Procurement & Asset Tracking

Technology procurement and asset tracking executed by APC Integrated means more than cost savings and inventory controls. With APC serving on-boarding and off-boarding concerns, provisioning of technology assets and recovery to repurpose them is done efficiently and expediently. This reduces risk of over-purchasing, improves the management process, ensures optimal use of each asset’s lifecycle, and minimizes risk of data leakage, theft, or loss. For APC customers with regulatory and compliance concerns, and those needing monitoring of licensing and warranty terms, APC addresses these requirements to reduce the risk of legal and financial penalties.

Site Hosting & Certs

With APC Integrated managing domain registration, site hosting and certificates, there is one place to go for questions, concerns, guidance, or issues. For a domain or certificate renewal, amending DNS records, remediating a website vulnerability, or configuring added security measures, smart organizations do this through a single point of contact (no finger-pointing among multiple providers). APC ensures websites are always available and accessible, reducing risk of downtime due to server failures or other unexpected events. SSL/TLS encryption and malware protection, reducing the risk of data breaches and other cyberattacks. are all part of what APC does. Working with our WebDav team, managed website hosting provides high-performance servers, content delivery networks (CDNs), and caching technologies, to ensure websites load quickly and efficiently. Compliance with industry standards and regulations, such as GDPR and HIPAA, is part of how APC reduces potential risk of legal and financial penalties. With APC managing all aspects of website management, the burden of staff focusing on such initiatives is reduced or eliminated.

Software License Management

Software License Management provides numerous benefits to organizations. APC can manage licensing to optimize software license usage, reduce risk of over-licensing and minimizing the need for additional software purchases. This helps organizations ensure compliance with licensing agreements and regulations, reducing risk of legal and financial penalties. The software procurement and deployment processes is streamlined by APC reducing the time and resources required to manage software licenses.