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Continuity – Continuous Data Replication

Ensure data is always up-to-date in real-time, minimizing risk of data loss in the event of a system failure, disaster, or cyber-attack.

Continuous data replication is an essential tool for all mid-size to large organizations as it helps ensure data is backed up and replicated in real-time to multiple locations. APC Integrated can use continuous data replication to improve disaster recovery capabilities, reduce data loss and downtime, and improve data security.

Storage Replication System

Continuous data replication can be implemented for you in several ways. For on-prem infrastructure that includes a SAN, NAS, and/or file servers, APC Integrated can set automatic replication to a secondary storage device. This may include further scheduling of redundancy to off-site co-locations.

Redundant Storage

Redundant storage technology can provide additional layers of redundancy and availability by allowing multiple copies of data to be stored in different locations. This ensures that data can still be accessed in the event of a storage failure or outage. 

Data Backup and Replication

Data backup solutions and replication tools will replicate data from one server or site to a cloud storage space. Additionally, APC Integrated can configure distributed storage systems replicating data to multiple geographically dispersed locations or cloud spaces. This type of setup ensures your data is backed up and replicated in multiple locations, increasing the chances of successful data recovery in the event of a disaster.

Disaster Recovery Planning

Additionally, APC Integrated can provide replication-as-a-service solutions to replicate all data and systems, encrypted live and continuous, to a warm standby virtual infrastructure cloud space, creating a resilient cut-over alternative with little to zero down-time in the event of a perceived interruption or complete failure of physical facilities.