APC is HIPPA Verified

Cyber Security

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) provides organizations with the benefits of detection and prevention against malware and advanced threats, targeted attacks and zero-day exploits, where traditional security measures may fall short. APC’s ATP with real-time alerts and forensic data allows APC to respond quickly to security incidents, minimizing damage. By identifying and mitigating advanced threats, we reduce risk of data breaches and associated financial and reputational damage, along with ensuring organizations meet regulatory compliance requirements with advanced threat detection and incident response capabilities. APC’s ATP solutions yield deeper visibility into network and endpoint activity, helping to better understand security posture and identify potential security gaps. 

Endpoint Detection and Response

APC uses EDR tools with advanced techniques in detecting and responding to sophisticated threats which traditional antivirus software may lack. Real-time alerts and forensic data help security teams achieve faster incident response to minimize damage. Next generation AI techniques for deeper visibility into endpoint activity help identify potential security gaps often missed through previous methods.

Virtual SOC Audits

APC’s virtual SOC audits help organizations assess compliance with regulatory requirements and industry standards. Security gaps and vulnerabilities are caught in a proactive manner, allowing issues to be addressed before exploited by attackers. Independent verification of an organization’s security controls is helpful in building trust with customers, partners, and stakeholders. An APC vSOC audit provides recommendations for improving the security posture, controls, and practices.

SIEM Analytics & Playbooks

APC Integrated provides SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) as a Service. With SIEM as a service, the entire SIEM infrastructure is hosted and managed by APC Integrated. Instead of deploying and maintaining an on-premises SIEM solution, organizations can leverage the service to outsource the complexities and operational overhead associated with running a SIEM system. APC’s SIEM services deliver capabilities of a traditional SIEM solution through a cloud-based model, providing organizations with improved security event management, threat detection, and response, while minimizing operational complexities and resource requirements.

Here are the key characteristics and benefits of APC Integrated SIEM as a Service offering:

  • Cloud-Based Infrastructure: SIEM as a Service utilizes cloud infrastructure, allowing organizations to offload the burden of hardware provisioning, maintenance, and scalability. The service provider takes care of infrastructure management, ensuring high availability and performance.
  • Data Collection and Analysis: The service collects security event data from various sources such as logs, network traffic, and security devices. This data is centrally aggregated and analyzed in real-time, using advanced correlation algorithms, machine learning, and threat intelligence to identify patterns and detect potential security incidents.
  • Threat Detection and Response: SIEM as a Service offers advanced threat detection capabilities by correlating events, identifying anomalies, and generating alerts for potential security breaches or malicious activities. It enables security analysts to investigate and respond promptly to incidents, minimizing the impact and reducing the time to detect and mitigate threats.
  • Log Management and Compliance: APC’s SIEM services often include log management functionality, allowing organizations to securely store and retain log data for compliance purposes. Compliance reporting features help in meeting regulatory requirements and industry standards.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: Cloud-based SIEM services can scale resources up or down based on demand, accommodating the changing needs of an organization. This flexibility allows businesses to easily adjust their SIEM capabilities as their infrastructure and security requirements evolve.
  • Reduced Operational Overhead: By outsourcing SIEM management to APC Integrated, organizations can focus on their core business operations rather than dedicating resources to maintaining and updating the SIEM infrastructure. This can result in cost savings and increased operational efficiency.
  • Access to Expertise: SIEM as a service often includes access to a team of security experts who have specialized knowledge in threat intelligence and incident response. This provides organizations with an added layer of security expertise and support in managing and mitigating security incidents.

Vulnerability Scanning & Pen-tests

Using APC Integrated’s vulnerability scanning and penetration tests to identify system vulnerabilities and security weaknesses enables remediation to be accomplished before becoming exploited by attackers or rouge code such as ransomware. It is far more cost-effective than dealing with the expense and aftermath of a realized attack. In identifying and mitigating vulnerabilities and weaknesses early, the risk of data breaches and associated financial and reputational damage is greatly reduced while also accommodating compliance and regulatory requirements. APC’s vulnerability scanning and penetration testing programs allow our customers to demonstrate a commitment to security and builds trust with your organization’s customers, partners and stakeholders.